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  • Yes, I watched the entire video above.
  • ​Yes, I'm an expert in my field and well qualified to sell my own course or service.
  • ​​Yes, I'm coachable and willing to redo some things on my end based on your 10 years of marketing experience if that's what will help me to become successful.
  • ​​I'm NOT selling someone else's product, but I actually own my products or want to and helping REAL people to solve REAL problems..
  • ​​I'm NOT selling t-shirts, mugs or low ticket items, but a real transformational coaching product or service that has the potential to be sold at $1,000 or more.
  • ​​I have a reasonable budget and understand that someone building me a business isn't going to be cheap.
  • ​​Assuming all of that's true, book a call below :)
" Jeff Took A Business That Was Making A Few Thousand Dollars Per Month and Scaled It To $100K Per Month"
" We're Turning Over $100K Per Month With The Help Of Jeff and His Team"
" Since Working With Jeff We've Been Able To Consistently Reach 6 Fig, Per Month In Sales With A 2-3X ROI"

Jeff Baxter here and let me know if you can resonate..

You're a coach, consultant or service provider and really good at what you do, but just can't seem to get clients..

Maybe you've had "some success" but for some reason, it's never anything consistent and sometimes you go weeks or even months without enrolling a single soul into your program.

Even worse, you've followed the advice of the "gurus" who told you to pump out tons of content, make live videos, write blog posts and one day the clients will come rolling in..

How's that going for ya?

Listen, I understand your pain and know how it feels to have an amazing offer that you just can't seem to get off the ground which is why I decided to create a complete "Done For You Service" for coaches, consultants and service providers who are in the same exact situation I was in years ago..

" For 3 QUALIFIED People Only, We'll Setup A High Converting High Ticket Sales Funnel For You Within 30 Days Or Less"
After generating over a $1mm in my own coaching business and helping some of my clients scale to upwards of $200k per month, I've decided to roll out a complete Done-For-You Service for coaches and consultants who are struggling to get clients.

Over the past 10 years, after running an advertising agency, I've been able to document exactly what works and what doesn't across many coaching/consulting industries and decided to roll out this service based on PROVEN methodologies.

My team and I have seriously mastered the art of turning cold leads into high paying coaching or consulting clients worth $2,000-$10,000  via sales funnels and paid traffic.

With our methods, there's absolutely no need to do any type of content marketing whatsoever as we can help you turn leads into high paying clients within 24-48 hours on nearly autopilot.

Do you have an offer worth $1,000 or more that you'd like to scale?

Do you want to take a 10 year shortcut of figuring out how to setup a high converting client acquisition system yourself and just have experts to do it for you?

Are you ready to consistently and predictably attract your dream clients like clockwork?

If so, keep reading...

"Here's Exactly How It Works"
Now, you're probably wondering exactly how this all works, so let me explain. 

Simply put, we take care of the "hard part" for you which is the creation of your sales funnel in order to effectively CONVERT leads into sales. 

You'll take care of the easy part which is the actual creation of your digital product or service which we'll show you how to do at lighting speed. 

In most cases, you can even wait until AFTER you have enrolled your first couple of clients before you create your product which is a ninja strategy that we'll show you how to do as well.

In other words, we meet each other half-way to get everything launched within 30 days or less!

When it's all said and done, you'll have a high converting sales funnel that you can use to turn cold leads into high paying clients within 24 hours.

Here's exactly what we'll be doing for you.
  • Setup Of Your ‘High-Ticket Webinar Sales Funnel’. This includes copywriting and a custom design of your registration page, broadcast room, product or service application pages, payment processor integration, and 5 follow-up emails promoting your product or service.  
  • Customized Phone Script: You’ll also get a customized phone script specifically for your product or service crafted by our team personally to ensure that it converts. The goal is to make sure that you close at least 1 out of 5 people that you get on the phone for your high end product. 
  • Membership Area Creation: What's a solid product without a professional member's area to house your content and keep member's engaged? We'll setup and organize your membership area so that your content is protected along with a unique eye-catching design!
  • Ongoing Support: Not only will you receive advice, guidance and  support from us for the creation of your webinar and products or services, but you'll also get unlimited lifetime support as well!
  • Ad Campaign Setup  Last, but definitely not least, after everything is complete, our team will setup Facebook Ads for you . This includes writing the copy, creating images, finding your ideal target audience and so much more. 
Total Value: $20,000+
You're looking at a total value of MORE than $20k which I'm sure you'd be more than happy to pay considering everything that you're going to get..

A complete business setup within 30 days isn't something you necessarily come across every day.

Although, you're not going to pay anything close to that!

While we'd love to put our prices up on this page, it's something that we don't do as we'd like to know exactly where you are in your business, if it makes sense for us to work together and based on that information we'd introduce you to the best program that we have for you.

"How Does The Application Process Work?"
Unfortunately this is NOT for everybody.

We're not in the business of turning losers into winners, but more rather, helping hungry and ambitious individuals to get to the next level...

This is only for individuals with great product or service ideas that they want to launch but struggle with procrastination or the technicalities that's involved when it comes to creating a profitable high ticket sales funnel.

With that being said, it's a must that we speak to you personally to make sure that you're a good fit for this.

We'll hop on the phone for about 30-45 minutes to get a better idea of what you want to create. If we see that you're a good fit and of course if there's any available spots by the time we speak to you, we'll be more than happy to take on your project!

Sound good?

If so, schedule your appointment below.

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